boat tours charleston sc
Saltwater Cycle and the NEW Charleston Brew Barge which is our Tiki Style Party Boat are the most fun boat tours in Charleston, SC.

Our pedal cruises and our tiki-style party boat cruises are the best way to get out and enjoy the waters of the Lowcountry. If you are looking to take one of the best boat tours in Charleston SC, Saltwater Cycle is perfect for the following:

  • A boat tour for your family
  • A fun boat cruise for your bachelor/ bachelorette party
  • A cool new way to celebrate your birthday
  • A mixed tour with friends
  • A private tour for your corporate group or event

A Saltwater Cycle boat tour is one of the most unforgettable and fun things to do in Charleston!

Cycle Boat Tours Charleston SC Visitors & Locals Love!

All of our cruises are BYOB and stay out on the water for 1 hour and 40 minutes! You can book individual seats or reserve the entire boat for a private cruise.

The boats leave from Charleston, SC, and are led by US Coast Guard licensed Master Captains. With two inward-facing rows of pedal stations around a center bar with built-in coolers, our cruises are ideal for building relationships, playing games, and having fun.

Saltwater Cycle offers the best boat tours in Charleston SC

Whether you’re hosting a party, doing some team building, having a family reunion or shoreline sightseeing, we are the most unique and fun way to experience Charleston. Read our reviews to find out why.


Our company is committed to protecting the waters and wildlife around Charleston. We recognize how blessed we are to live and work in such an amazing ecosystem, which is why our Saltwater Cycle party boat is both solar-powered and cycle-powered. We never let the party get in the way of making sure our oceans are clean! During each of our boat tours in Charleston SC, our crew and passengers are on the lookout for any trash or debris that’s made its way into the water.


When Cody first moved to the Lowcountry in 2014, he immediately loved the welcoming Southern culture of hospitality and fun. He eventually realized that there was a need for more opportunities to get out on the water and celebrate Charleston with friends.

Having experience with Nashville Pedal Tavern, Cody decided that a boat version would be a perfect fit for a water front city like Charleston. Unsure about how to make this crazy idea a reality, Cody put it on the back burner to focus on opening his fitness studio, Gritbox Fitness.

Four years later, determined to make his idea happen in Charleston, Cody discovered Cycleboats, a company out in Oregon that was developing boats exactly like what he had been looking for! We’ve been having a blast with thousands of passengers ever since!


The pineapple used to represent a welcome home for sailors returning back to Charleston from sea. In a similar fashion our mascot, Pawley the Pineapple, represents everything that we love about the Lowcountry and value as a company: Southern hospitality, friendship, and fun!

This ain’t your boring sunset dinner cruise! Charleston knows how to party, and so do we. Pawley the Pineapple takes this one step further by wearing sunglasses to represent the most fun party in Charleston. He’s also hipper than the rest of the other pineapples in town! 😉