Charleston’s Summer Hot Spots

Well, it’s officially Summer in the Holy City. When your sunglasses fog up as soon as you walk outside and outdoor patios are empty, it’s about that time. However, as self-proclaimed Charleston experts, we’ve got you covered on how to beat the heat on your bachelorette party weekend (or just getting through the summer here).

One of our favorite day spots is Little Palm Bar located inside the Ryder Hotel. With its insta-worthy decor, fabulous drinks brought right to you in the pool, and cabanas to lounge in, this is definitely one of our favorite spots to spend the afternoon!

Little Palm Bar | Saltwater Cycle

When it’s time to soak up those seltzers, queso is always the move. Check out Rancho Lewis (indoor seating is definitely a great option on these 90 degree days) for the best Mexican food around town. We could go on and on about the food here, but will just let the pictures speak for themselves. Pro tip: try the Mexican Martini. Also pro tip: maybe try just one.

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks time (so basically all day) Share House has quickly become the new spot of the Summer! Our new favorite bar not only features the best sammies in town by Bodega, but at night there is always a band, DJ, or both! The outdoor patio, referred to as “Big Deck Energy” by the staff, has a nice cool breeze when you need some air. The beachy decor adds to the fun Charleston vibe as well! Pro tip: if you’re feeling the effects of the weekend, get the Shampoo Effect, it will save your day!

Last but not least, our FAVORITE hot spot of the Summer is our newest addition to the Saltwater Cycle fleet, The Charleston Brew Barge. We are so stoked about our 18-passenger tiki style party boat that has been an absolute blast since its arrival in March! The tiki top provides tons of shade for those summer rays! The boat has plenty of room for your entire bachelorette party to hang out, dance, and enjoy the cruise! Our crew knows exactly how to keep the party going and make sure you have the best boat cruise experience in Charleston!

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