How to plan the perfect boat party in Charleston, SC

Choose a Party Boat

First, decide on the boat that best fits your needs and budget. Choose from either the original Saltwater Cycle pedal boat or the tiki style Charleston Brew Barge. Check out the options here

Choose a Date

Select a date that works best for your guests. Consider the weather and sunset time when choosing a date, as well as what else you have going on that day!

Decide on a Route

Our main route goes up and around Wappoo Cut where you’ll see some amazing historic Charleston homes. However, we do have an alternative route best for early morning tours where you can see the famous Charleston Battery Park, Ravenel Bridge, and Fort Sumter in the distance! Let the Captain know if you have any special requests!

Drinks and snacks

Our tours are BYOB and BYOS (bring your own snacks!). We prefer no glass to protect the boat and your feet. Cases of seltzers and High Noons are great boat drinks and easy to find at any convenience store in the area. Boat snacks are always a good idea to soak up the booze! Or, try a tray of gourmet sandwiches from Caviar & Bananas, it’s the perfect boat sammy. Pro tip: they can deliver to the boat!

Coordinate Transportation

Make sure that your guests have a way to get to and from the boat. We always suggest Uber or hiring a car service when drinking and letting the driver know what time you will dock so they can be waiting when you dock! Leave plenty of time for traffic if your crew is coming from the beach.

Plan Entertainment

Customize your party boat with a playlist and decorations that fit your group's style! We have Bluetooth speakers you can connect to and always welcome fun decorations.

Give our customer service team a call for any questions and local recommendations to make your booze cruise with Saltwater Cycle is the highlight of the weekend! Cheers!