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Thinking About a Party Bus in Charleston, SC? How About a Party Boat Instead

Not much is better than a blow-out party night in Charleston! There is so much to do and see, that you might be considering hiring a party bus. But before you reserve your bus on wheels, consider changing things up and trying a party on the water. There are many advantages that a boat has over a party bus in Charleston!

You Get to Sit and Relax!

Partying in Charleston is fun, there is no doubt about that. But when you rent a party bus, it can be a whole lot of work. Since partying on a bus itself is no fun at all, you have to continually get in and out of the bus to go from one place to the next. Not only does that mean no relaxation, it means a whole lot of money. Before you pony up for one door charge after another followed by the high price of a cocktail, consider sitting back in a chair for the evening, grabbing your favorite beverage of choice for a ready and waiting cooler, and seeing Charleston all from a cozy spot!

It Is Cheaper

Since we are talking about the high price of a cocktail, we should probably mention that renting the bus is only about a fifth of the cost of a night on a party bus. When you rent a party boat, you’ve pretty much paid for an entire evening of fun. Since you bring your own booze, it is way, way less expensive. And the music is free, with no cover for admission. That means you can enjoy yourself and your friends for a fraction of the price without missing out on any of the fun!

Less Crowded!

One of the main reasons why people think about renting a party bus is so that they have all of their friends in one place going from place to place. And although the bus may be a place where you can hang out and catch up, the bars of Charleston can be super crowded. Why spend the entire night fighting the crowds or hanging out with people you don’t even know? A party boat is an entire party night that includes just the people you want to be around and no one else. How awesome is that?

You Are in Control

When you take a party bus, you might be in control of the music and the atmosphere on the bus, but not once you hit the bars. On a party boat, you get to control things like the music, the food you take with you, and the drinks you want. You won’t have to walk into an establishment to find that they don’t have your favorite vodka drink or beer on tap. You get to be the master of your domain for the night. And that means you get all your favorites on Charleston’s favorite party boat.
A party bus is an excellent idea for sure. But what is an even better idea is hiring a party boat in Charleston! When you hop on a Saltwater Cycle boat tour, you are in control of your evening, who you party with, and the best part, you get to sit back, relax, and not have to go from one bar stool to the next. On our tours, you get an entire night of fun for a fraction of the cost and with all of your favorites on hand.

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