Your Next Outdoor Adventure!

There is no shortage of water adventures to do in Charleston. Hey, that’s why we live and visit here, right? Between the beach, kayaking tours, jet skiing, or a Shem Creek bar hop, the options are limitless. If you are looking for something unique to do with guests or for a staycation, try Charleston’s original cycle boat, Saltwater Cycle. Here’s why if you aren’t already on the website booking.

The Road Less Traveled 

Most boat tours will take you out into the harbor to see the sights. While this is always a great option, the Charleston Harbor tends to get very crowded and choppy during those peak times. Our route offers a unique look into the hidden gem of the waterway, the Intercoastal. We take your group through a peaceful, calm, and lesser known area where you see some gorgeous and classic Charleston homes, dolphins, and scenery. If anyone in your group tends to get sea sick or y’all just aren’t the speed demon-boat type, our tours run at a leisurely pace through calm waters. 🐬

Close those rings 

This might be a bit of a stretch for some, but we have seen it done plenty of times. While on the cycle boat, you can actually set your smart watches to “spinning” and record your “workout”. If you have a Smart Watch, it’s a safe bet that closing those daily rings is a high priority-we get it, we do it too. The best way to get your body moving is truly on a Saltwater Cycle party boat cruise. Spin, sip, repeat. 

Do it for the Gram

Did you even go on a vacation if there’s no content? The Cycle Boat is Charleston’s First Cycle Boat. We love seeing y’all snapping pictures on the boat and sharing your experience. Cycle boats are a new concept, so impress your friends by trying out something totally unique. They will ask you where to try it out!  Don’t forget, if you cruise with us and refer a group who books, your next cruise is discounted. So gather your friends and get ready for your next outdoor adventure on the Saltwater Cycle boat. That is friends helping friends. 🤝

Be the Hero of the Weekend

If you are planning a birthday or bach trip, we know how hard it can be. With so many people and moving parts, just getting everyone to each destination is a feat all on its own. That’s why a Saltwater Cycle party boat cruise is the perfect outing. Your group will all be on the boat together for the entire tour, no stragglers left behind. Our boat tours will be the best part of your weekend, you'll have plenty of opportunities for group photos (just ask our crew to snap away!), dancing, and non-stop fun. And with everyone together on the boat for the entire tour, you won't have to worry about stragglers or coordinating transportation. So book your next outdoor adventure with us and get ready for a celebration to remember! This is an unforgettable experience that everyone will thank you for booking! 📸

Women having fun at Saltwater Cycle

Whether you're a local or visitor to Charleston, there's no shortage of exciting outdoor adventures to be had. From boat tours to kayaking, jet skiing, and more, there's something for everyone to enjoy. And if you're looking for a unique and unforgettable experience, be sure to book a ride on the Saltwater Cycle boat. With plenty of opportunities for exercise, social media-worthy photos, and stress-free partying, our boat tours are sure to be the highlight of your adventure. So gather your friends or family and get ready to make memories that will last a lifetime!

Who wants to cruise with us?! 

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Your Next Outdoor Adventure!

If you are looking for something unique to do with guests or for a staycation, try Charleston’s original cycle boat, Saltwater Cycle.

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